The Organized Dorm Desk Setup You Need

College dorm? More like a student’s entire life squeezed into the average 228 square foot room. Your dorm is so much more than a bedroom. For those two semesters, your dorm becomes your bedroom, living room, dining room, social hub, study center, and gaming den. Keeping things organized and tailored to your needs is essential in making your new residence feel like home.

Hide and manage your cables

According to, the average US household has 22 connected devices. Whatever portion of those devices you take with you, it is sure to be enough to cause a headache in the cable department. Organize these necessities with Oeveo’s Cable accessory options. For those looking to bundle everything into one location, check out our organizer tube. Prefer to keep everything separate? Our cable organizing clips are a simple solution to maintain separation and categorization. For the more aesthetic seeking student, Oeveo’s cable organizer box keeps your cables and surge protectors out of sight inside a minimalist box certain to match any room style.

Designate your drawers

Assess what your desk will be used for other than hitting the books. Keeping separation will increase efficiency and decrease stress. Will your desk also be your dinner table? Have a specified place to put plates, silverware, and snacks. Your snack stash will also be convenient for those late night study sessions. If this is your new gaming area, keep your controllers, batteries, etc in one of the drawers away from the snacks. The last thing you want is snack crumbs in the creases of your new controller and highlighter marks on your silverware. Lastly, ensure your school necessities are top and center in the drawers because after all, that is the original purpose of a desk.

Keep your desktop as clear as possible

Surface area in dorm rooms is valuable and scarce. Anything you can tuck away or hang, do. For a table lamp, look into some options that clip on to the side. Consider a monitor stand to raise the computer both to optimal eye level and open up space beneath the monitor. Oeveo has options that are seamless, high quality, and refined. Think about using hooks above your desk to hang headphones, scissors, a cup for pens, or anything else that can hang. 

Don't forget your floor space

An alternative for having items on your desk is also to organize under your desk. If you have enough space for your legs and some excess, use that leftover space for any necessities. You can use organizer bins, photo boxes, or even shoe boxes to stack and store items under your desk. Don't forget to label each one on the front so you can identify the item without taking each box apart.

Use your junk drawer as decor

Everyone has papers, photos, cards, etc that are too valuable to throw away. Instead of displaying or organizing them, we toss them into the “junk drawer” to never be seen again. Use these items as decor. Find thumbtacks that match the decor of your room and pin items onto your wall of choice in a collage fashion. Not only does this act as decor, but it also acts as a reminder of any necessary things.


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