Where to Mount Your Computer Depending on the Workspace

Where to Mount Your Computer Depending on the Workspace

There are many reasons - and solutions - for mounting your computer. All workspaces can benefit from clearing up space and keeping things protected and organized. Whether you work from home or run around a hospital floor all day, mounting your computer will positively impact your workflow and peace of mind. Let’s review the most useful locations to mount a work computer based on the setting.


With the freedom of being able to work from home comes a lack of keeping up appearances. Your desk could be a pile of junk for all your boss cares, because they won’t ever see it. But you will, and it’s important to know that a messy, cluttered workspace can affect how you perform your job. So why not start by clearing out anything you can to free up space and promote productivity? A computer tower can have a large footprint on a workspace, and it’s not even necessary to be out there in the open.

Home Mount

You may think putting your tower on the floor is reasonable, as there’s not much going on down there. However, it’s unsafe for your tower to be less than six inches from the ground. Dust, hair, and anything else gathering on the floor can easily be sucked in through the computer’s fans, decreasing the time between necessary servicing. You don’t want your computer to be on the same level as your shedding pets or drooling toddlers. Mount your computer underneath or on the side of your desk to keep it out of the way, but still accessible. If you want to keep the computer out of reach from children, wall mounting above your desk would be the better choice. You can mount your computer in a way that your monitor sits in front of it, completely hiding the mount from view.


The office is a hot spot for tech clutter. There can be countless desks, computers, cables, machines, etc. competing for space. Organization in a shared workspace is key to cooperation and flow.

Office floor layouts can also vary, leaving you right in the middle of the room with less options to mount a computer. Your desk is your best friend in this situation. You can mount your computer on the underside of your desk if there is enough room for your legs to fit. Alternatively, you can mount to the side of your desk, either on the inside or outside. If you happen to have a cubicle or wall divider, you may be able to use that as another possible mounting surface. Just make sure you don’t drill through to your coworkers side.

Office Cubicle Desk with Walls

For offices that supply mini form factor computers like the Dell Optiplex Micro series, you can also get away with mounting directly to the backside of your monitor. Many monitors will have a set of four holes in a square called the VESA pattern. This is usually meant to attach a monitor arm to, but we’ve created a mount at Oeveo to utilize this feature. You simply screw the VESA mount to the back of the monitor and slide your mini computer in. It’s like an all-in-one computer display! The best part is that all of your cords will be in one place to easily tie up and organize with cable management.


Computer labs in schools generally feature rows of the same computer setup. In most cases, students don’t need access to the computer tower itself, so this is a prime setting to mount them out of the way. Universal mounts can be used in multiple orientations, allowing you to accommodate a specific layout.

School Computer Lab Desks

TVs in classrooms are sometimes equipped with computers for displaying slideshows or other media content. It’s common for the TV to be mounted up on the wall, so why not mount the computer up there with it? A wall mount would be a good option here. You should be able to install the computer mount behind the TV if there is enough clearance. Then you can use a cable channel down the wall to keep the cords tidy and out of the open.

Classroom TV on Wall

As a teacher, you may have a computer at your desk as well. You’ll need all the workspace you can get on your desk with papers, projects, and lesson plans taking priority. In this case, the best place to keep your computer out of the way would be under your desk.


Hospitals and medical workspaces have many uses for computers, and you can find them all over these facilities. A common place would be right as you enter at a reception desk. With printers and and scanners being prevalent in this space, you may consider tucking your computer underneath the reception desk.

Medical Facility Reception Desk

Throughout the halls of hospitals you can also find computer setups mounted to the wall for quick access. Using a wall mount for the computer will give it a low profile, allowing more space in the hall for maneuvering.

Mobile Hospital Computer Workspace Cart

Portability is important in these fields, so you will also come across rolling computer carts/workstations. Because of the constant motion and repositioning of these carts, you will want to make sure the computer is secure. Using a strap mount will keep the computer snug and will allow you to mount it underneath the surface of the cart. Add a door to the front of the cart with a lock to further ensure that your equipment stays put and out of reach from wandering hands.

Computers can be found everywhere and are used by everyone. We have a variety of options at Oeveo for mounting computers and creating organized workspaces. If you have a specific setting where you use your computer, and you're unsure of the optimal location or mount for it, give us a call at 888-416-3836 or email us at support@oeveo.com. We are happy to help figure out the solution that works with your application. Mount up for you and your computer’s sake!

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