Mac Studio M2 - Mount It Under Desk

The M2 Mac Studio

In an exciting announcement today, Apple has introduced the world to its latest innovation in desktop workstations – the updated Mac Studio. Boasting the revolutionary M2 Ultra Chip, this powerhouse is set to redefine the capabilities of creative professionals. The updated Mac Studio will start at $1,999 and start shipping on June 13th. Designed to deliver unparalleled performance and exceptional graphics, the Mac Studio represents a leap forward in desktop computing. 

The Mac Studio is equipped with Apple's highly anticipated M2 Ultra Chip, a true powerhouse of performance. Built on a cutting-edge architecture, this chip delivers unmatched processing power and graphics performance. With its advanced machine learning capabilities, the M2 Ultra Chip takes creative workflows to new heights, enabling professionals to work with larger datasets, render complex 3D models, and accelerate video editing tasks. This remarkable chip ensures that the Mac Studio can handle the most demanding creative projects with ease.

The new Mac Studio, while featuring a familiar form factor for existing owners, introduces significant advancements in performance with the inclusion of the M2 chip. 

Differentiating itself from the previous generation, the M2 chip brings forth a notable performance boost. Apple promises a 20% increase in performance compared to the M1 Max, making it even more capable for demanding tasks. Notably, the introduction of the M2 Ultra chip further elevates the performance standards. The upgraded chip boasts a 20% jump in CPU performance, a remarkable 30% gain in GPU performance, and an impressive 40% increase in neural engine speed when compared to the M1 Ultra. Furthermore, users can enjoy the expanded capability of up to 192GB of RAM (unified memory) with the M2 Ultra, enabling seamless multitasking and efficient handling of resource-intensive workflows. The Mac Studio equipped with the M2 Ultra chip is supposedly six times faster than the fastest Intel-based Mac. With increased video bandwidth, it effortlessly connects to an 8K display with a fast refresh rate, delivering stunning visuals. But that's not all - the Mac Studio takes it a step further. Users can connect up to six Studio Displays XDR, creating a truly immersive and expansive workspace. This newest Apple release pushes the boundaries of innovation, truly revolutionizing how users interact with their machines.

Oeveo, renowned for our innovative mounting solutions, is proud to announce compatibility with the new M2 Mac Studio. Crafted with precision engineering, our patented Oeveo Mac Studio Mounts deliver seamless integration, elevating both workflow and aesthetics in any studio setup. By securely and efficiently mounting the Mac Studio, these solutions maximize desk space and minimize clutter. Oeveo's commitment to quality and functionality shines through in their sleek, durable designs, ensuring that the Mac Studio remains a focal point of any professional workspace.

So why settle for less when you can have the perfect combo of cutting-edge technology and reliable mounting solutions? Get ready to take your workspace to new heights and unlock the true potential of the newest Mac Studio with our exceptional mounts. 

To contact us about our Mounts, please use the form HERE.

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