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In 2022, we had the opportunity to connect with one of our favorite YouTubers, Johnny McClung. Johnny is a musician, photographer, tech reviewer, and overall great sub, so it was a no-brainer to connect with him on a project. Our first project together was getting Johnny a mount for his Mac Studio, and little did we know at the time, we would find time to do multiple projects together and give his office a fresh look. Oeveo is confident in our 100% American Made products. We know that when it comes to quality, design and satisfaction, that we are the best. Johnny immediately saw the impact of mounting his computer under his desk, organizing his desk space, managing his cables, and giving his devices a new home. We will outline those projects below:

Mac Studio Mount

Johnny is an amazing photographer, so of course, he needs the best computer for editing! We came across THIS video Johnny posted and reached out about sending our yet-to-be released  specially designed + patented Mac Studio Mount for him to put to the test and see if it could make his list of top Mac Studio Accessories (we were confident it would!). Johnny installed it in his office and ended up featuring it in a future video! He loved the sleek look, extra desk space and knowing his computer was safe. Macs allow for superior color accuracy and image quality, so of course, the New Mac Studio was a no-brainer for Johnny to add as his latest workhorse. Johnny asked for some help in keeping his mac safe and opening up some extra desk space to keep his desk looking sleek and clean.  We suggested our specially designed + patented Mac Studio Mount, available in three finishes, Black, White and Silver. The open bottom design of the mount prevents your Mac Studio from shifting when plugging cables in and ensures maximum airflow. The flanges on the mount are there to support your Mac Studio in the event your application is for Wall Mounting a Mac Studio. Johnny opted for the white and it looked amazing on his desk AND he was confident that his (expensive!) Mac Studio was secured safely from any accidents. And he shared some SICK photos!

Under Desk PC Mount 139

Being a professional videographer and producing top notch quality videos, Johnny's Audio Interface is an important and necessary tool for his work. Fun fact; we think he has the most relaxing voice EVER! Hey Johnny, can you record some audiobooks?! Johnny asked if he could use one of our most popular mounts, the Under Desk PC Mount 139 to mount his audio interface to keep it safe and up off his desk. Of course, we are Johnny’s biggest supporters and it was sent to his door ASAP so he could install and make his desk even MORE organized and save even MORE space! The 139 can also mount and protect other small computers, such as the HP Thin Client computers and Dell Ultra Small Form Factor computers.

Cable Management Tray 122

With all the computers, chargers, audio interface and more on Johnny's desk, we just knew he had the universally annoying struggle and hassle of cable cords… everywhere. In came our suggestion of installing the Cable Management Traythe perfect solution for corralling all those wires, power strips, and surge protectors around Johnny’s desk and workstation. Johnny immediately and enthusiastically agreed and we sent it on its way! The open top configuration of this Cable Tray allows for mounting of the tray behind your desk or work surface for easy access to your cables and power cords if necessary. The Cable Management Tray is finished with a durable matte black powder coat paint finish for long lasting, aesthetic appearance.

Under Desk Laptop Mount

Sometimes, you just can't be at your desktop all day. Between travel, meetings, or just wanting a change of scenery, laptops are a common tool for working on the go! Johnny was no different. He had mentioned wanting to make sure his laptop had a safe, designated spot. So, of course, the Under Desk Laptop Mount was immediately sent to his door. With a size of 11.12” D x 19.5” W x 2.375” H, this handy mount is sure to hold a range of laptop sizes. The opening on the side of the mount makes it easy to charge your laptop or plugin other necessary cables. It has a carrying capacity of 50 Lbs. Vents are located on the bottom of the mount to help keep laptops cool when using them with external monitors and extensions. It was designed with a lip on the back to keep items from slipping out.

Thanks Johnny!

We want to thank Johnny Mcclung for sharing his office space and amazing photography skills with us to show our Oeveo fans some mounts in action! You can find Johnny Mcclung on YouTube for informational tech videos and you may even catch a glimpse of Oeveo here and there.

To contact us, please use the form HERE.

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