Puppy-Proofing Your Cables With Oeveo

Don't let a cute face distract you from the dangers of chewed cords!

Properly managing your cords and cables is important to keep your furry friends safe! Being a responsible doggy parent means pet proofing your home. Managing your cables is an important task, especially if you have curious pets. Aside from the obvious annoyance of a ruined cable, cords can cause serious problems for fido. According to PetMD, chewing power cables' immediate risk is that your dog could get shocked in the process. Chewing cords can cause burns in the mouth, electrical shock, or death by electrocution. Keeping your cords contained and off the floor is the best way to make sure accidents don’t occur. There are many ways to keep your cords… and destructive puppies… away from harm. We’ve curated a list of cable management options for your PC, gaming, and home entertainment system. 

Cable Management Sleeves

Cable Management sleeves are a great choice to cover your cords and keep them all together, as well as make your office space more aesthetically pleasing. Oeveo has Cable Management Sleeves in several different lengths and widths that are ideal for home computers, gaming, home theater/stereo, sit/stand desks, and office cable management. Excess cord and cable lengths can be strangulation hazards to cats and dogs, so get the extra length under control with. Excess cables also tend to stick out, making them more attractive to pets. Make sure you don’t stop with electrical cables. Long cords on window treatments can also become wrapped around your pet’s neck, so don’t forget to tackle those, too!

Cable Management Trays 

Cable Management Trays are a great option to protect your cables and keep them off the floor. Oeveo’s Cable Management Trays mount safely and discreetly under your desk to hold power strips and cords. A tray is the perfect option to safely secure your cords and make sure they are off the floor-and out of reach.  You can also use a Cable Organizer Box to 

Other Cable Management Accessories

There are many other options for cable management accessories. Oeveo offers Cable Ties, Cable Tie Mounts, and Office Cable Organizing Clips. You can use these accessories to mount cords and cables to the underside or leg of your desk to keep them out of the way and off the floor. Pets are more likely to chew loose wires. Getting cords off the floor and attaching them to walls and furniture surfaces covers all the bases, because pets can’t hurt themselves with something they don’t even have access to!  

Provide an Alternative!

 Pets who chew are often bored or frightened. Addressing the core problem by providing appropriate chew toys, playtime, and other activities may decrease chewing in general. Train your pet to chew a toy by associating it with food. Some toys come pre-flavored; others can be filled with food or treats.

Our pets are often the ones that can bring a smile amidst a stressful work day, so keep them safe, and Mount Up With Oeveo!

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