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The Mac Studio is Apple’s newest release that is setting itself apart from other computers at its size. But what even is it? Is it essentially just “another new Apple product”? Digging deeper, you will quickly find it is much more than that. Taken straight from Apple’s website “Mac Studio is an entirely new Mac desktop. It packs outrageous performance, extensive connectivity, and new capabilities into an unbelievably compact form, putting everything you need within easy reach and transforming any space into a studio.” That statement holds some pretty large promises. So for us, the first thing we wanted to do was protect our investment by getting this computer off of our desktop and getting it mounted.

Say hello to the Apple Mac Studio Mount.


American-Made Mount, Designed by Oeveo for your treasured Mac Studio

Functionality of Our Mount

Designed for multiple purposes, the Apple Mac Studio Mount is a metal mount for Under Desk, Wall, and Vesa applications. The mount was sized to allow your Mac Studio to slide in with enough space to prevent scratching the finish of your Mac Studio, but snug enough to ensure computer safety. When in place, the lower fan portion of the Mac Studio will fall into the circular opening of the mount. This will prevent the computer from sliding when plugging in cables in the front or rear of the unit. Our main attention to detail for the mount was creating something that would be as aesthetically pleasing as the Mac Studio itself, while also creating a safe and effective environment for the computer.

When mounted under a desk, the mount can be configured with the flanges facing forward OR backward, depending on your preference. The flanges, when facing forward, will not obstruct any airflow coming from the back of the Mac Studio.

Functionality of Cooling System on Mac Studio

The Mac Studio sucks in air, to keep itself cool, from the bottom vents and expels it out the back vents. This creates a scenario where it’s important to have open space on the bottom AND the back to ensure that your Mac Studio can properly circulate air. Mounting under your desk allows for a clean desktop and workplace, and gives your Apple Studio a place you can know it is safe from dust, spills, and accidental bumps. The early temperature tests of the Mac Studio show that it performs quite well in most any application, whether sitting on your desk, mounted under your desk, mounted to your wall, or mounted to the back of a monitor, however dust buildup will always happen and it’s important to give your personal computers as much air as possible for continued optimal performance.

Apple MAC Studio Mount Cooling

Price of Mac Studio

The Mac Studio has a hefty price tag… But most Apple aficionados don't seem to mind. Customers can get the Mac Studio starting at $1,999 with a base configuration of M1 Max, 512GB of storage, and 32GB of RAM. The model with an M1 Ultra, 1TB of storage, and 64GB of RAM starts at $3,999.

Price of The Mac Studio Mount

Apple Mac Studio Mount - White - Aluminum: $75.99 (Shop WHITE)

Apple Mac Studio Mount - Black - Aluminum: $75.99 (Shop BLACK)

Apple Mac Studio Mount - Silver - Aluminum: $75.99 (Shop SILVER)

To see more, view our growing collection of Apple and Mac Mounts.

First to Market Metal Under Desk Mount for Mac Studio

Oeveo prides themselves on innovation and offering the highest quality products on the market, and this often means that our process puts us behind competitors in the market. Our process for the Mac Studio Mount has gone through several iterations to get to where it is today, with more innovation to follow for additional Apple Mounts. On pre-release, our Aluminum Apple Mac Studio Mount in White is our first white mount added to our stocked products, while also being the first metal Mac Studio Under Desk mount to hit the market. You may be able to find plastic mounts available, but these do not compare to the safety, security, and peace of mind that you get with an Oeveo Mount. When you’ve invested thousands of dollars in your workhorse computer, you don’t want to cut corners and try to save a few dollars with a low-quality mount.


Designed + Manufactured in North Carolina, USA

Every Oeveo mount is designed by our very own team at Oeveo headquarters in Belmont, North Carolina and 100% manufactured in the USA. Sitting right outside of Charlotte, we’ve been creating computer mount solutions since 2011. Oeveo’s founders, Andrew and Scott Toal, turned a vision into reality through their knowledge of manufacturing and engineering. Throughout Oeveo’s 12 year history, it is still a family owned, family run, and family based business. As forerunners in the area of computer and electronic device mounting solutions, the company pioneered custom sizing and adjustability of mounting solutions.

Buying American-made products is an essential part of boosting the national economy and supporting American jobs. Even better, buying from domestic companies guarantees that your products come from manufacturers that follow American labor laws and manufacturing requirements. To learn more about our processes, read more HERE

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