The New Normal: Working Through It by Design

Working remotely (which used to be considered a benefit!) is the new norm for those with jobs that make working from home possible. Couple this with hybrid education landscapes ahead for this fall and your home office space is likely to become the busiest area of the house. Having a space where you and your family can productively and comfortably work at home has become a necessity for many. This trend is only expected to continue in to 2021.

The aesthetics of a dedicated workspace and/or study space in your house have always been an important and obvious consideration in home office design. Now there is more of an emphasis on creating a space that is also highly functional. Both form and function matter in these unprecedented times. Whether you are considering converting a whole room into a dedicated office or simply carving out a workspace within an existing room, the considerations for designing and furnishing the areas are similar.

Let’s start with COLOR. Specifically the best color schemes for improved FOCUS in your workspace. Your work environment can have an incredible effect on your energy, creativity, and productivity -- but let’s be real -- most of us don’t have time to read a textbook on color psychology. One might think that too much color in an office space would be distracting, but it is actually MORE inspiring and motivating.

On-trend suggestions? Try different shades of gray for a rich, neutral ombré effect in an at-home office environment that needs a boost. Blue is also a great go-to color because it really sets the tone in the office. Try lighter shades to produce calming effects and darker tones to evoke intelligence and strength. Give olive green shades consideration to inspire peace, which certainly won’t hurt as parents and children navigate on-line classrooms and work zoom meetings in shared spaces this fall. Or, opt for a bright white color scheme for a crisp, clean palette that will allow you and your family members to begin each day in the home office space with a clean slate and a clear mind.

The color(s) you choose will affect the mood of the room and influence how your family feels in their workspace. Choose colors that make you all feel happy and motivated. Life should be lived in color and your family’s office area is no exception.

Let there be light! Take into account the room or space where your office will be located as you determine lighting needs. How much natural light is there? Do you get morning or afternoon sun? How will this impact the placement of your desk(s) and computer(s)? What type of overhead lighting currently exists? Can you afford to take up desk space with a lamp? If not, can you incorporate a floor lamp? If not, can you incorporate a lamp on a bookshelf? While lighting is a consideration in every room of your home, it is especially important in the design of your home office.

Now, let’s focus on what you physically need in your home office to effectively do your job remotely. Likewise, what is needed for your at-home student(s) to be successful as they embark on the 2020/2021 school year? What type of technology is needed? A laptop? A desktop? Dual monitors? A printer? What about physical storage? How much accessible storage do you need for paper files? What about books or manuals? Are there any other technology or storage needs unique to your job or your child’s courses? All of these considerations will help determine the size, type, and layout you will need to accommodate how your family will work/study. Don’t forget that you can wall mount your PC tower for additional storage space and enhanced home office organization.

Last by not least, don’t underestimate the importance of seating. How many and what type of chairs do you need? Ergonomic considerations are a key factor in selecting desk chairs in particular. Do you want tilt and swivel options? How about adjustable height and lumbar support? Purchasing a comfortable, ergonomically correct desk chair will aid your body and posture - while also making your work hours more pleasant.

Chances are you and your family will be spending the majority of your time this fall in your home workspace. How it looks will not only affect productivity and creativity but also your overall work approach and the frame-of-mind your student(s) have at home. Carefully select colors, textures, and finishes to create a place where you all can truly do your best work. 

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