College student wearing a mask during COVID-19

Safety + Success: Back to Campus 2020

According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, 65% of American college campuses are preparing to have students return for in person classes this fall. College administrators across the country are decreasing the density in residential facilities and lowering classroom occupancy thresholds, as well as encouraging social distancing, while implementing hybrid class models for virtual-meets-in person learning.

My daughter will be one of those “on campus students” as a college freshman this year. This summer we have made several trips (masks on!) to her soon-to-be college campus in the hope of familiarizing ourselves with area landmarks, school resources, nearby restaurants, etc.

The college my freshman daughter will be attending is located in the mountains of North Carolina, and is geographically the highest university elevation east of the Mississippi River, at 3300 feet. While many college towns have become centers of technological research and innovative startups, I felt slightly apprehensive that her school was a bit “remote”. Would this southeastern college town in the heart of the Appalachian mountains be ready for the unprecedented challenges of Back to School 2020?

On our most recent visit, we managed to find a parking spot in the heart of the college downtown district. After paying for parking at the smart meter (touch free!), we began looking for a place to grab a bite. Upon deciding to have lunch at “The Local” we waited just a few minutes to be seated, during which time the hostess informed us that the restaurant menu was now exclusively available by QR code. Following our delicious lunch, we headed to the Student Center reception desk to get a few questions answered. Upon arriving, we registered at the reception counter via touchscreen and had answers to our queries within minutes. 

Visits to administrative offices, the school bookstore, student health, dining halls, and financial aid offices all included highly organized reception areas with touch screen check-ins and short, socially distant wait times, plus extremely knowledgeable and helpful university employees. Speaking of helpful, interactive kiosks placed at high traffic areas helped us navigate through the college campus -  with sophomoric ease!

More than ever this back to school season requires careful planning and innovation. I’m thankful for the steps taken by my daughter’s university and universities across the USA to keep college students, faculty, and staff safe while providing higher education.

As an Oeveo team member, I’m also proud to work for a company that designs UP! Oeveo has the necessary solutions for Back to Campus 2020. For more information about our innovative workspace products and services, contact us. We wish you an exceptionally successful and safe Back to School season!

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