Don't Sweat Working From Home

Don’t Sweat Working from Home

As most of America shelters in place -- life, school and work go on -- no need to explain that this is an unprecedented moment. And while remote work has been steadily increasing over time, this current COVID-19 situation is a whole new arena with entire workforces learning how to best work remotely overnight.

Never in our nation’s history have we asked so much of our homes. Before coronavirus, home was the place we left and came back to. Now home is all the places we used to go. Our homes serve as our workplace, church, gym, school, restaurant, entertainment space, and beauty salon. It’s a tricky (at best!) transition.

If you're new to working from home, you're quickly learning that you will be spending a lot of time on Zoom (or other video conferencing platform) to connect with your team. When they talk about how we’re all in this together, they mean that literally. People who we would never have dreamt would be inside our homes are now able to critique our room furnishings and decor style — or, as the case may be, the absence of furnishings and room decor style.

In addition to plenty of Zoom meetings this week, I also had the opportunity to take part in an inaugural #LivefromHome Peloton class with 25K+ fellow riders. This new video class format is streamed live from the instructors own home. Intrigued? Me too! Frankly, these days I LIVE for the new #LIVE format. Sure, the workout is great but the view is even better. I can’t wait to take on each new scheduled class to see the different types of (pinterest worthy) home gym set-ups instructors have created in their respective NYC or London space.

As we sweat out this pandemic working (and working out) from home, why not apply the rules of setting up your own home gym directly to upgrading and improving your home office? Create a dedicated place for virtual connection and achieve professional balance for your “new to you” daily work space with these tips!


When decking out your home office with top-notch technology, it is smart to be selective. Keep ergonomics top of mind for a comfortable home office workspace that limits stress and physical strain. With all office necessities within reach, home office users from students to gamers to remote workers have the essentials nearby for maximum “in the zone” productivity. Build on the idea of teamwork in your space with home office computer mounts and home office PC mounts working together for the epitome of efficiency and organization.


As a wall art piece is a universal idea for inspiration, why not make or buy a motivational one? Another approach (for another wall!) would be to hang some beautiful photos from your recent vacations: they will remind and encourage you to plan for vacations to come! If you don’t feel like making too many holes in the wall, just attach some nice floating shelves and put everything you like on those. Whatever you choose to put in your line of sight, just make sure it’s something that makes you want to push harder to achieve your professional goals.


With quality equipment in place and inspirational art on the walls, it is time to turn your attention to the details. To finish off the decor, consider bringing in a few plants, as they can help boost oxygen levels in the room. Ferns, bamboo palms, and spider plants top the list for their indoor air purification powers. Tidy up unruly cords with easy and effective home office cable management solutions. Show your laptop (and yourself!) some love by elevating your laptop with a laptop stand which helps to keep the laptop battery cool and improve your home office posture.

At Oeveo, we are constantly inspired by our customers. Teams everywhere are navigating a new world of work. Of course, Oeveo has the Made in America solutions to help improve your remote work output. For more information about our innovative office products & services, contact us. We encourage you to stay safe while climbing towards your own personal success. Your team will follow your lead. Together we will go far.

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