Work Hard, Play Hard

Workplace ReSOLUTION 2020: Work Hard, Play Hard

Feel as though you are working a few more hours than full time - all the time? If so, you’re in good company. According to a Gallup poll, adults who work full time in the U.S. work an average of forty seven hours per week. Half of all full time workers surveyed by Gallup reported that they work more than forty hours a week, and nearly 40% said they work at least fifty hours a week

Today’s companies expect more from their employees and for the most part, employees are willing to give it. But it’s just as important for employees to play hard as it is for them to work hard -- otherwise they risk burnout -- and that’s not good for anyone. Hard working employees are incredibly valuable. Companies that want to keep those employees will foster a work hard, play hard culture that ensures employees stay healthy, happy, and productive.

"Culture" is a word that is tossed around the corporate world often, but what does it truly mean in the modern workplace? In order for culture to be strong, it needs to represent not only the experience that the company offers to a client, but also what the company stands for internally. When an employee believes in the company culture, productivity naturally increases.

It’s obvious that organizations with higher employee engagement levels are more likely to see an increase in profit and output than those with lower engagement. Whether it’s dressing up in ugly holiday sweaters, taking a team outing to an escape room, or sharing happy hours, company activities and initiatives help teams communicate better through enhanced professional and personal networks. These “play” activities allow employees a chance to see what goes on in other departments of the workplace and enable them to feel more comfortable speaking to people whom they might not normally approach – such as top management. Not only do these efforts foster improved communication; they can also contribute to greater overall satisfaction, loyalty, and employee retention.

As the New Year approaches, consider making a company wide resolution to adopt a work hard/play hard mentality and culture! Here are a few ideas to get started:

Place a ping pong table in the break room for work day play! Research by Dr. Daniel Amen, a member of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, describes table tennis as, “the world’s best brain sport”. Ping pong activates areas in the brain that increase concentration, alertness and develop tactical thinking skills. A quick game means employees bring this brain boost back to their desks!

Embrace the madness that only occurs in March! Giving into March Madness at work can actually boost productivity, according to 2019 research from the global staffing firm Robert Half. Almost three-fourths of managers say college basketball tournament activities lift employee morale, and 52 percent also see overall output benefits. Maybe that’s why 75% of employers don’t fight the basketball fervor but rather seize the opportunity of the national tournament by organizing sports-related festivities and friendly competitions. Companies also celebrate March Madness by allowing employees to wear their team apparel, watch games in the office, and decorate their workspaces.

To retain and attract high-performance candidates to work for them, more companies are starting to offer unlimited vacation as a way to encourage a better work-life balance. These companies span industries from media to manufacturing, and they offer unlimited vacation benefits in the hopes that their employees have enough time to relax and recuperate from work stress and deal with life’s other responsibilities. The idea is that employees give their all when they are at work, and in return, this produces a much happier and engaged workforce - capable of outstanding innovation and teamwork.

Incorporating more time for fun can go a long way towards creating a happy and healthy work life balance for employees. Reward your most valuable assets in 2020: your hard-working (likely full time plus!) team. Of course, Oeveo has the solutions to help kick off your work hard/play hard initiatives. For more information about our innovative office products & services, contact us - We wish you an exceptionally successful new year!

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