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The transition to college life can be overwhelming for many reasons, so it’s important that a dorm room feels like a curated haven. The kicker is that most dorm rooms are tinier than tiny houses, so it’s a unique challenge to use square footage efficiently while still keeping things organized. Dormitory rooms at colleges & universities in the U.S.A. usually average 12’ x 19’. That means students entering their freshman year at universities across the county have on average, 228 square feet of living space total. The vast majority will have at least 1 roommate — which means the amount of personal space shrinks to about 114 square feet. Whether you’re heading off to college yourself -- or a parent getting your kid ready to fly the coop -- we’ve compiled some helpful tips to outfit the new-to-you dorm digs into a comfortable, well-arranged study space… no matter how small.

  • Most dorms come outfitted with a few pieces of furniture - UPgrade what you’ve been given by purchasing pieces to maximize the utility of what you’re working with. Shelf dividers, drawers, desk organizers, & hanging baskets are a good place to start elevating the design.
  • Begin clean! Stock your study area with all the essential tools needed to keep things moving without interruption. Having necessary supplies accessible helps to keep you on task. Maintain desk organization through UPkeep. Every time you take an item out, put it back in the same place. Be resolute to stop dumping stacks of papers or mail onto your study area. Instead, go through each item as it comes & toss it or file it. This will keep your workspace clean & lessen your distractions from studying.
  • Dorms are noisy places. Aspire for quiet! Speaking from personal experience, sound travels into dorm rooms from even the most unexpected places.The Kirwan & Blanding Towers on the south side of campus at the University of Kentucky in the mid-90’s transmitted noise (clearly) from room to room through the electrical outlets! Entertaining? Yes! Educational? Maybe. Easy to study? NO! To help mitigate unwanted sound, UPlift your concentration factor by keeping earplugs or noise cancelling headphones in an easy-to-access place in your room.
  • Plan UPcoming study sessions ahead of time by coordinating with your roommate. The most immediate concern you will have when trying to study in your dorm room is your roommate. You’re likely paired with an essentially random person. Even if you become the best of friends, you’ll sometimes clash over use of the room. It’s a good idea to try & plan study sessions ahead of time. When you have a test approaching, let your roommate know a few days ahead of time that studying will be your primary focus from set time to set time. Better yet, if you’re close with your roommate, you both might consider designating weekly study time together.

Squeezing study time & dorm room study essentials into a tiny area can be tough. But it can be done if you’re smart about your selections & creative in your organization methods. At oeveo we value space. We design UP to help create an environment that is conducive to study & work space efficiency. For more information about our space saving products & services, contact us - We wish you an exceptional academic experience this year!

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