Ergonomic Benefits of the Laptop Stand

Ergonomic Benefits of the Laptop Stand

Comfort while working is a must in any workplace setting, and office ergonomics are very important for workflow and efficiency. Using a laptop as your work computer can be extremely convenient when working in a home office or when constantly on the go, but there are aspects of laptop use that can hinder productivity if neglected...

Screen Height

When sitting flat on a desk, the screen of a laptop is so low to the surface that you are forced to look down to view it. The more your neck is bending to look down, the more weight you are requiring your neck to hold up. Extended periods of looking down at your screen will likely result in a hunched posture. All this can lead to neck and back pains prevalent during your work.

Our Laptop Stand will bring the laptop screen up to a better eye level to promote a more ergonomic viewing posture.

Laptop Stand Raise Screen Better Wrist Angle

Keyboard Angle

The most common ergonomic struggle that laptop users have is the screen/keyboard issue. If the screen is in the most optimal position for viewing, then the keyboard is in a bad position for typing. If you rearrange the angle of the keyboard to work with your wrists, the screen is either too low or too close. The problem is that the keyboard and screen are both attached, when normal desktops are able to position each thing separately.

The upside of using our Laptop Stand is that the keyboard will be in a more upward angle to benefit your wrists, while also raising the screen to your eye level. This setup is better when typing for long periods of time.

Laptop Stand Better Air Flow

Laptop Cooling

When sitting flat on a surface, laptops have minimal air flow. The battery on the bottom of the laptop is what heats up over time, which can be harmful to the health of your laptop, and can be hot to the touch when using the laptop on your lap.

Our stand provides open space below the laptop to keep air flow constant, helping to keep your laptop cool for extended use during the work day.

A simple, yet durable Laptop Stand is everything you need to elevate your home office setup to the next level. These few ergonomic features are sure to change the way you work and increase your productivity with a laptop. For more information regarding our Laptop Stand and more, feel free to contact us!

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