Mount Your PC Off The Floor

Mount Your PC Off The Floor

Mount Up Off the Floor

For those of you who wish to get the most out of your computer investment you need to consider getting your machine off the floor. The benefits are numerous.

I don’t know if you have looked at a floor lately but they are generally a pretty dirty place. Dust, cobwebs, hairballs, dirt and the rest of the stuff life sloughs off is collected on the floor. Your personal computer attracts this stuff by sucking in air to cool itself. PC towers can get clogged with dust which makes it harder to cool the machine which leading to an over worked fan. Well that overworked PC fan leads to a shortened life for the heat sink in your computer. The heat sink cools the inner workings of your PC thereby giving it longer life and when it comes to your computer more heat – less life.

So a simple equation of what we are talking about would be:

More Dust = More Heat = Less PC Life

“SO HOW CAN I SAVE MY COMPUTER?!” you might exclaim.

If you keep your PC at least two feet off the floor – that is roughly slightly below your desk height – and have a good air flow, dust is significantly less like to settle as it is carried through the atmosphere. Attaching the computer to the underside of your desk not only decreases dust accumulation but it can also greatly decrease the chance of damage to your PC due to pets mistaking your tower for a fire hydrant (eewwww…) or flooding from a heavy storm, or a leaking toilet. In fact elevating your computer with a mounting bracket or PC holder will pretty much any calamity which could damage an expensive computer.

Your Motherboard doesn’t like it either.

Leaving your computer on the ground sucking up dust is not a practical solution. Added negative pressure across the motherboard damages components as you suck dust through the PC. Don’t make your mother go negative on you.

Make Room for the Trash Can!

Having more space around your desk to put your feet is a positive aspect of a PC holder or a computer mount. Heck, everybody wants to punt their computer every once in awhile. But it is bad when you do it on accident. A PC box on the ground is always in the way, taking up the garbage cans place and stuff.

Get it off the floor!

For more information on PC Mounts and Computer Holders or other computer style brackets contact our helpful staff at

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